Fantasia Gardens & Fairways Miniature Golf Review

Welcome to this month’s Blogorail Green Loop. Today we are sharing fun things to do at Disney on non-park days.

The best thing about Disney World is that there is ALWAYS something to do there! Park days are always fun but they can be overwhelming at times. That’s why if I know I will be at Disney for more than 5 days, I’ll schedule a non-park day or two. Having a break from a full day at the parks not only can save money, they can give you a chance to truly relax on your vacation. On a past trip for a non-park day, I took my son to do some Disney mini-golfing! There are two mini-golfing options at the Walt Disney Resort. You can head over to Blizzard Beach waterpark and enjoy a winter-themed golf course or go to the Fantasia-themed course that is near the Swan & Dolphin Hotels. I chose to go to Fantasia Gardens & Fairways because of it’s proximity to the Boardwalk so we could make an evening out of it. So here’s my review if you are interested in doing some Disney mini-golf on your park day!

Fantasia Gardens & Fairways Miniature Golf is located beside the Swan Hotel. If you are staying on property, you can take Disney transportation to the Swan and Dolphin and walk along the pathway that is behind the Swan Hotel. If you are staying off property like I was, you can park at the day guest parking lot at Boardwalk and walk to the Swan. This Disney mini-golf place has two Fantasia style 18-hole courses. The first course is Fantasia Gardens. This course is more family-friendly with low level challenges. The second course is Fantasia Fairways. This course is more challenging as a traditional mini-golf course such as sand traps, water hazards and Par 3 challenges. Since my son was 8 at the time, we did the Fantasia Garden side on this trip. For the current costs and times you can check the Disney World site here.

I am an avid mini golfer and have been to many mini-golf places over the years. The Fantasia Gardens course is a really easy course. But it is definitely perfect for little ones but also still fun for the adults. I loved seeing some of my favorite Fantasia characters frozen in time in different scenes on the course. If you want more of a challenge or if you are with mostly adults or teenagers I would choose the Fantasia Fairway side. If you choose the Gardens side, remember to be patient as it is the most popular course. We did have such a fun time at Fantasia Gardens, it would be nice to go back sometime and try the other course. After we were all done golfing, we took our time back to the parking lot and endied up watching Epcot’s fireworks from the Boardwalk. While mini-golfing won’t take up an entire day, it will still leave you with time to relax at your hotel or do some swimming. It is a bit pricey for mini-golf but I highly recommend doing it for a fun non-park day!

Fantasia Gardens & Fairways is only a stroll away from Disney’s Boardwalk!



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