Disney Tradition-Collecting Disney Ornaments

Welcome to this month’s Blogorail Green Loop. Today we are discussing our Disney family traditions.


Christmas has always been my family’s favorite holiday. And our favorite tradition from this holiday is the decorating part. I love all the twinkling lights and the sound of Christmas songs playing softly in the background. My family loved decorating so much that we would sometimes leave our decorations up as long as we could. Sometimes they stayed up till February. Yeah, we were THOSE neighbors!

We used to make ornaments when we were kids and it would be a fun memory for us every year. But the older that we got the less time we had so my mom started buying a Christmas ornament for my brother and I every year so we could have them for our family trees. Since I was into Disney my whole life, I mostly got Disney character ornaments from my mom. It started with Tigger ornaments and expanded from there. Now that I’m all grown-up (sort of) buying a Disney ornament for my collection has become my Disney tradition.


The Disney ornaments in my collection vary from plastic character ornaments to hand blown glass mickeys. I have mostly Mickey Mouse and Tigger ornaments in my collection with the exception of a few other Disney characters. The majority of my ornaments came from stores but I have a few that were actually purchased at Disney World.  Most of these ornaments were gifts but I also have some freebie ornaments I got from signing up for Disney related memberships. It’s hard to chose which one is my favorite since they all have a person or memory attached to it, but the ornament that means the most to me is a glass Mickey Mouse ornament that came from my Grandmother who passed away over ten years ago.

The Mickey ornament from my Grandma
The Mickey ornament from my Grandma

I may not be able to visit Disney World as often as I used to and I have moved around a lot since I graduated from college, but decorating with these ornaments every year brings Disney magic to every place that I have lived at. I look forward to bringing out these special ornaments every year for my son and I to decorate our tree with. My Disney ornaments will always be a  piece of “home” from me and will go wherever I go.


Do you have any Disney family traditions? Feel free to comment below!


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6 thoughts on “Disney Tradition-Collecting Disney Ornaments

  1. Our tree is also filled with Disney ornaments from our trips, and each one is special. Each year when we put up our tree we reminisce about past memories.

  2. I have SO many Disney ornaments. So many in fact, that we discussed getting a tree JUST for Disney ornaments! 🙂 I love these, and this too is a family tradition. Thanks for sharing!

  3. I purchased on the offer up app a 2008 limited edition snow white hallmark ornament. It’s an unopened in box. I’m trying to find out how many were sold. I just know it sold immediately at premier. Would you happen to know?

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