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Welcome to this month’s Blogorail Peach Loop. Today we are discussing regional Holiday events. Welcome aboard!


I have been to Walt Disney World during the Holidays and it has always been magical and fun. In 2009, Busch Gardens announced that they would have a Christmas event in their park in November and December when the park was usually closed. I was very happy to hear that my local park was making an attempt to be as close to a year round park as they could. Virginia weather can be pretty unpredictable during the winter. We could have snow one day and 70 degree weather the next. Christmas town has a variety of things to experience indoors and outdoors so no matter what the weather there is still enough to do to get your money’s worth. Insider tip: Don’t forget to grab a map on the way into to the park as that will give you show times and what is open on that particular day.

So for those who may be new to Christmas town, this is a separate ticket event. Because of the weather, Busch Gardens does not have normal operating hours. The park is generally open from 2-10pm during the Christmas Town event. So even if you are season pass members, you must still purchase either a one-day ticket or a Christmas Town pass to enter the park.  To purchase tickets or to find out more information you can visit the Busch Gardens website.

Now that we have all the facts out of the way, on to the fun! We went a few days after Thanksgiving so the crowds weren’t too bad. Also the weather was unusually cold so that kept some people away as well. I am not a fan of cold weather but we stuck it out as long as we could and still got to experience a lot that the park had to offer.

France tree Germany

The first thing you will notice when entering the park is that each country has their own set of decorations. Each country has also has new holiday themed entertainment. There is some strolling entertainment such as a merry brass band in England. Although being there after dark was amazing with all of the lights, you could still enjoy the decorations in the daytime as well. While most of the rides were closed, they still had a few of the smaller rides open for those that want to brave those rides in the cold.

Big Ben-daytime brass band Grogan's Pub

We did enjoy some indoor entertainment such as the penguin exhibit named Ice Palace: A Penguin Paradise in France. This exhibit featured various types of penguins that were visiting from the Columbus Zoo and SeaWorld. There were cast members there that discussed some facts about penguins and answered any questions that curious minds wanted to ask.


After having some dinner, we decided it was time for some hot cocoa and strolling around to see all the lights. Certainly the most impressive light display is the Polar Pathway in Italy. That is where the popular water ride Pompeii is completely covered in lights to look like the arctic. This display is extremely impressive and has plenty of photo opportunities.

Holiday Hills Polar Pathway

Once we were wowed by the lights, we ended our evening with “Scrooge No More” at the Globe Theater in England. This show is new this year and tells the story of A Christmas Carol with dancing and singing of original songs. I must say we all really enjoyed this show along with many others as it seemed to be a packed house at every showing. If the weather was a little warmer I would have definitely stayed longer but I still felt like we got to do and see a lot for the time we were there.


Have any of you been to Christmas Town and what did you think? Well, I hope you all have a wonderful Holiday and Happy New Year!

Big Ben-night

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15 thoughts on “Christmas Town at Busch Gardens Williamsburg

  1. It’s been FOREVER since we’ve been to Busch Gardens. It’s nice that they’ve added a Christmas season to their schedule. HersheyPark has that as well – but it is often too cold here in PA to really enjoy it.

    1. Our weather down here can be pretty unpredictable. There have been days that they have closed because of snow but for the most part the weather has been pretty good for Christmas Town nights. You have to make another trip down some time!

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