Attractions I skip at Disney’s Hollywood Studios

Disney Parks are the best, but are very overwhelming, even to expert Disney fans. The best way to tackle any of the parks is planning and that’s why using Disney’s Fastpass + system helps tremendously with that. But even with Fastpasses and careful planning, there just isn’t enough time to see and do it all. So how do you decide what’s a priority and what’s skippable? With all the new construction of Star Wars Land and Toy Story Land, a lot of the skippable attractions that I would have added have closed already. Even with the attraction list currently paired down, there is still not enough time to see everything in a day. So here’s what I chose as skippable  attractions at Disney’s Hollywood Studios.

Disney Junior- Live on Stage!- My son loved watching Mickey Mouse Clubhouse and Little Einsteins as a toddler, but alas, he is a big boy now and just wants to ride thrill rides. So for my family we will usually skip this show.

Playhouse Disney was the previous show before Disney Junior Live.

Frozen Sing-Along Celebration- I’m just going to come right out with it and you can send me hate mail later- I thought Frozen was just okay. Since I am not emotionally invested in this movie or it’s character this show is skippable to me. On a slow day I might catch this show just to say I’ve seen it, but most likely I will probably never see it.

MuppetVision 3D- Now I LOVE me some Muppets but I have seen this show so many times I can probably quote it. But if I’m in a crunch for time, I can skip this show and not regret it.

Any Current Parade or Daytime Live Show- I’ve never really been a parade person, so this is usually what I’ll end up skipping in any park. Plus with there being so many great shows already such as The Little Mermaid, Beauty and the Beast and Indiana Jones, it’s just too many shows to fit into a day. Shows take up much more time than just riding an attraction with a Fastpass, so it’s important to prioritize which shows are the most important to see for your family.

Of course, every family is different, so it usually helps to decide first what your family’s favorites and priorities are. So I hope this helps with planning your day at Disney’s Hollywood Studios. What attractions do you or your family skip at this park?

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7 thoughts on “Attractions I skip at Disney’s Hollywood Studios

  1. I’ve never seen Disney Junior since I don’t have kids. And while I love the Muppets, I can occasionally skip if we don’t have a fully day. Now if we spend a whole day in HS I would definitely do Muppets because there’s not a ton to do now!

    1. I know there really isn’t much open now with all the changes. I’m excited to see what everything will look like once both lands are finished!

  2. We were devastated when we went to WDW last August and couldn’t see the Muppets 3-D because it was closed for renovations! It will now be the first place we hit when we go in two months. My kids loved this when they were younger and now my granddaughter thinks this is the one must-do show at Hollywood (besides Fantasmic).

    Not really sure it should be counted as one to skip because you’ve been so many times you’ve memorized the show. Experienced Disney goers will know enough about the parks to know what’s not worth the precious time. It’s the inexperienced ones who wouldn’t know. And you’re telling them to skip this because you’ve seen it so may times. That’s not really very fair. Sorry

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