5 Reasons to Visit Disney for Spring Break

Welcome to this month’s Blogorail Blue Loop. Today we are sharing tips to survive Spring Break at Disney.

Most of my Disney trips have been in the summer but I have made a few trips during the spring and the holiday season. While there are times of the year that are less crowded, most people can only travel to Disney during the times that school is out. Spring Break is a great time of the year to visit Disney and here are my reasons why.

Epcot’s International Flower & Garden Festival- Every year starting in March-May, Epcot has held their International Flower & Garden Festival. So no matter what week your Spring Break falls on, you can’t miss this must see festival! In addition to all the beautiful and colorful flowers and character topiaries that are scattered throughout Epcot, there are special food and drink opportunities at the Outdoor Kitchens. There is also the Garden Rocks Concert series which feature pop groups from the past Friday-Monday with no separate admission. This festival alone is a great reason to travel to Disney during Spring Break!

My first time at the International Flower and Garden Festival was in 2001

The weather is great- During the spring months in Orlando, the average temperature is usually 70-80s for the highs and 50-60s for the lows. That make perfect theme park going weather! Although there are no guarantees that you will have wonderful weather the entire time of your trip, the spring gives you a better chance at more comfortable weather than the sweltering heat of the summer. Just remember to pack jackets and bring layers, as well as summer attire, to be prepared for Florida springtime weather.

Easter Activities- If your Spring Break falls around Easter than you might be able to get some great photo opportunities with the Easter Bunny at Magic Kingdom, as well as other Easter activities. There have been Easter egg hunts at Epcot and Easter egg displays at various resorts. There are also Easter Catholic and Protestant religious services at the Contemporary on Easter day.

Great time to take a Tour- If you can’t stand the thought of being at Disney during one of the most crowded times of the year, this would be a great time to try any of the backstage and educational tours that each of the Disney parks have to offer. Most of the tours are limited to small groups so you can get individual attention. Each park as well as a few select Resorts offer some sort of VIP or backstage tour that you and your family can enjoy. From the popular Keys to the Kingdom tour to the Wild African Trek, each tour has something unique to offer. Even though some of these tours can be pricey on top of your paid admission to the park, it can be a great once in a lifetime experience and a way to beat the crowds for a day.

photo credit: Jeff Krause Photography Epcot – Butterfly Bokeh via photopin (license)

There’s never a bad time to go to Disney- I truly believe that if you love Disney World as much as I do, there is never a bad time to go. As long as you are prepared for the crowds and the occasional child meltdown, every trip can still be a great one. It’s all about planning as far ahead as you can with your Fastpass+ selections and your Advanced Reservations for meal times during the really crowded times of the year. Another great tip is finding ways to stay entertained while in line, such as looking for hidden Mickeys.

Have you ever gone to Disney World during Spring Break?

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6 thoughts on “5 Reasons to Visit Disney for Spring Break

  1. The weather is so nice in the Spring. Not too hot but still warm enough for shorts. We think the crowds during Spring Break are the same as summer just without the heat.

    1. Yes, I love Florida in the springtime. It does make the crowds more bearable when the weather is much more pleasant!

  2. I wholeheartedly agree! The Flower & Garden Festival is my favorite Disney event and the weather for Spring Break is usually amazing! We saw some of the Easter eggs around Epcot but didn’t participate in the hunt, but I saw that they were doing it for most of the spring which is great!

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